3 Best AdSense Alternative for New Bloggers

Are you a Blogger looking for the best Google AdSense alternatives to help you monetize your blog or website? Yes, am not surprise to the fact, getting Google AdSense approval is now kind of very hard especially for new bloggers, maybe you have applied countless time but you were rejected, and here you are thinking about what next to do maybe another Google AdSense alternative right?

Don’t worry I’m here to help discover the best Google AdSense alternative which you can use to monetize your website or blog for 2020.


When I started my first blog, I was thinking about how to know the best Google AdSense alternative to use on my blog till I discovered it, so now I’m going to show you the 3 Best Google AdSense Alternative which you can use on your blog

Let’s get going so you can start earning…

What Elements Would it be advisable for you to Mull over When Picking Other Advertisement Systems?

There are a lot of AD networks with enticing earning offers, however, as a startup blogger, you should focus on the highest paying network with low payout threshold

Don’t worry I will show you the 3 Best AdSense Alternatives for 2020

Are you ready top pick an alternative AD Network? We’ve compiled a list of 3 Best AdSense alternative for 2020 which you can leverage in your business

Here is it below:

3 Best AdSense Alternatives for 2020

Alright so here are the best recommemded Ad network you can chose from if you were rejected by Google Adsense

Media.net Ad Network

Media.net is the most well-known: AdSense elective on this rundown as it’s the logical advertisement item from Hurray/Bing. It will present important advertisements dependent on the substance on each page of your site, including both content and show promotions

Like AdSense, you can make your own custom showcase advertisements or let Media.net make sense of the sizes that get you the best outcomes.

On the off chance that you just give one AdSense elective a shot this rundown, I would suggest it be this one.

The minimum payout at Media.net is $100, which is a bit higher than some of the other AdSense alternatives on this list.

Propeller Ad Network

Propeller Ads is another AdSense Alternative that can help you monetize a blog with different ad types, including some intrusive ad types that may or may not be right for you.

Their most manageable advertisement designs are:

  • Native banners which contain contextual ads related to your content.
  • Smart links which redirect automatically to relevant offers when a user click on it
  • On-click/pop under ads
  • Interstitials which appear before or after specific pages on your site
  • Push notifications, which let you advertise even after the person has left your site (if they accept your request to display push notifications)

Another cool thing about propeller ad network is that it offers weekly payout, as starter even if you earn $5 you will be paid through PayPal.

MGID Adnetwork

MGID is the third Ad network you should consider because this Ad Network differs from the other two, Mgid is more of content advertisement, have you seen the footer of high traffic websites such as news portal? If you are into entertainment blogging, I recommend this ad network

It’s a Global ad pioneer advertisement firm which started serving ads since 2008, right now the company is a leading brand in content delivering and connecting brands together it is targeting more than 900 million users with more than 200 billion monthly impression

How does MGID renders its ads?

When a publisher signs up with MGID and places a piece of tracking codes on their websites or blog, MIGID helps publishers to retain users on their website through targeting the users and readers on the blog with personalized content, this will drive in more traffic and consequently increase the revenue of the publisher

MIGID os best suitable for download websites, entertainments and news blogs or gossip sites,

So these are three of the best advertisement systems accessible for bloggers in 2020 which are extraordinary for a wide range of distributors. They give confided in advertisement conveyance and convenient payouts in different manners with the goal that distributers over the world acquire through their promotions.

These systems are likewise extraordinary as far as the assortment of advertisements they serve, so the bloggers can pick the ones which look incredible with their subject and website plan. You can win up to 10$ — 200$ every day with advertisements, in the event that you pick the correct promotion arrange which conveys modified advertisements to your site

In conclusion

Before you can start monetizing your website, it’s important you consider that most of your users might not like the Ads, this is why my best recommendation or monetizing your website is through affiliate system, I will write on that in my next post, but for now, these are my best-recommended AdSense alternative you should consider

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