About Me

About Me
Chinwengozi Ezekiel, is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Website designer.
He has been doing a lot of research on how to make money online, at the end he found out what works and what does not.
I develop blogs, websites and e-commerce websites so you can always hit me up for any Web designing deal

Chinwengozi Ezekiel works for an NGO called Paradigm Initiative as website tutor
After everything, he holds an Entrepreneurship and Web design certificate.

About Earn More

Earnmore is your perfect blog where everything about making money is been discovered.
Earnmore is to solve the problem of inability to discover the pros and cons on how to start generating income, that is why Earnmore is here to help you discover everything.

We share ideas relating to how to become self empowerd, how to boost your income possibilities and be your own boss, with time we will also offe our ebooks and other resources which will help you get on your fit towards achiving your online blogging goals

You can reach me directly using the Contact form