How to drive traffic to your new blog in Nigeria free

After the buzz and excitement of creating a blog has died down, you are now faced with the reality which is ” getting attention from online users, this is the most critical stage in blogging life it can make or mare your vision, at this infant stage, some little livered beginners just quit

That’s right, why shouldn’t you quit? imagine writing a 2000 amazing words blog article with cool infographics and up to date data, however, no one is reading it, it’s like cooking for a party that never hold

let’s just say you and I have been there but hey! am not quitting you know? because you are reading this blog that means it paid off and so is another person gonna read it until I don’t have to worry bout it however I am going to list out stuff you should to do at least to squeeze out some juice of traffic online

The dream of every blogger is to get massive traffic, this is the blood of your site, without traffic, its as good as a dead project, as a Nigerian , there re alot of startup bloggers who miss out becasue of no proper means to gain this attention, like i said before i am outlining some cool simple ways you can get visitors to read your blog

Best ways to promote your new blog in Nigeria

Create a Social media Account:

This Should be your first line of action, create a Facebook group and a twitter handle, start growing it even before your blog is ready, depending on the niche you are targeting please always ensure you engage your page fans, don’t lose the steam, if you are in entertainment world it’s pretty easy to get hotly debated topics, gossips and breaking stories from top celebrities use it to keep your page active

As soon as your blog is ready now is the time to invite your social media fans to your fans, you can achieve this without stress but you should be cautious here, at first you can run a giveaway such as the best comment on a blog link wins a certain amount,

Here is a take: while they are responding to your post let there be an opt-in form which will suggest they enrol in your weekly newsletter in order to be updated on other contest or giveaways, this is something everyone wants to hear and watch to see your email list grow beyond your imagination

Submit your website to local dirctories

in order to give your website the wider audience and local SEO you need to submit your website link to local business listing directories such as business listing, and the likes of it.

List of Nigeria business dirctories to submit your new blog

There are alot of people who will definitly visit your website as within short time if you do it at the right time

Make use of Local Forums

since you are targetting local users, you should bse your marketing on places they are found, this includes some whatsapp group and local forums, there are alot of Nigeria local forums where you can definitly promote your new blog

Nairaland is among the most visited web forum, all you need to do is to signup, and then edit your profile, use your blog URL as your signature, so each time you respond to a forum thread your signature will be shown, especially when you have made some useful contribution watch to see how members of the community will follow your link to the blog

Write Guest Post on other Websites

There are already established blogs out there, find out any relating to your niche, please take your time to create out beautiful contents because writing for their blogs can be very effective if you target the same related niche

Just like I suggested you make some useful contributions, on if your post is very helpful it could be moved to the front page where more than 200k unique members can see it, imagine the massive traffic such can generate to your blog


Getting traffic to new blog sometime is hard but ist no rocket science of you target your audience, outside all these places I listed you should use your discretion to find out more blog where you can comments or contribute

like on you can grow your blog authority by writing regularly on such platforms, it will give you cool traffic juice and its a free means. however, if you still have some few cash you can also run Facebook ads to grow your page likes or Google Adwords ads to grow your blog engagement especially if it contains Optin forms

Do you have any other means you think left out? Share with me on the comment box so it can include it. We also handle blog creations and designs you can reach me for more information

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