How to Make Money During Covid19 Lockdown in Nigeria

This post is targeted to my fellow students so if you are seeking for various means to make money during this COVID19 lockdown here are best opportunities you can dive in, especially since our pocket money is no longer coming,

Who would believe the world will be on a long time shutdown this much? When the outbreak started in China, and the diseases became global health I never believed it could lead to the shutdown of business and services, to an extent school were also affected, being a student comes with a lot of stress and lack of fund except you’re from a highly rich family or have another side business

Right now the cost of groceries, food stuff has skyrocket and left everyone broke because most businesses premises are under the lock of key,

After I was back home I stayed idle a while hoping for the best, maybe they will call of the lockdown in few days at most two weeks, little did I know we are in for a big ride, while since I became inpatient and lack funds, the natural human instincts kick in, which is

How can I make money under this lockdown without exposing myself to health threat?

Considering that everyone has to stay indoors the only way I can sort myself out is using the internet, Thank Heavens it was where the answer came from too

I get to find out there are a lot of big opportunities online which can even give you six-figure earnings on a monthly basis only if you seek and stick to it

Soon I started practising and before I knew it everything was unreal so here are some of the ways you can make some cash while under this lockdown

It might not be new but believe me its working and just see it from my own perspective

Video Blogging

This is the new trend right now, it’s pretty easy to start especially if you are the Instagram snap chat kind, however, it needs a good concept to ensure you get a good output please get one or two friends to act the video script with you, write a short comedy skit about 2-5 minutes joke, take your time to edit the videos I, when you are done create a video channel on YouTube, upload and share your links

If you are good, within a month you should have reached the required video watch hours for monetization, then Apply for YouTube AdSense

This is how most comedians make more than 1000 dollars monthly, whenever people view your video or click on the ads that pop out, you earn a reasonable a small chunk of dollars

Blogging and Article Writing

As a student, I am pretty sure writing shouldn’t be a big issue with you, to make money through blogging has been around a while, I bet you will think it’s a saturated sector, bit as much as everyone is into blogging is big business, the ecosystem is very enormous, there are thousands of bloggers earning more than six-figure income daily

To start a blog is pretty easy and free, you can get yourself a blog space, Google has made provision for that, signup on Blogger and starts writing when you have reached a substantial number of post, can apply for Google monetizing program. As easy as that

Freelance Article Writing

This is another means you can get to be busy during this lockdown, article writing is different from blogging if your good with words you can sign up in websites like Fiverr, Upwork or any other freelance website online, post a gig for writing and people will contact you to write for them, depending on your abilities you can be on your way to earning massive income monthly

Virtual Tutorial online

This is gaining momentum presently, schools are on lockdown and most parents will love to see their kids be useful and continue study, you can create a Zoom account online and start teaching students on subjects you are good at, you can reach out to most parents and wards in your contacts and organization organize an online tutorial at a small fee

Finally, there are numerous online opportunities which you can tap into such as drop shipping ecommerce business, and digital marketing, these are business opportunity you can do without leaving your house, it’s a very lucrative one,

If you need assistance in setting up your blog or how to create a freelance account, do not hesitate to contact me, I will assist you

Hope you can start being busy while the government fight the deadly pandemic ever known to  man, Stay Safe

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