Inside this book, I'll show you exactly how I helped my wife start a side business that has sold over ₦700,000 in just months.

It's a simple to follow guide that anyone who can read can follow and get similar results.

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​Here's a fraction of what you'll learn...

  • How you can start your 6 figure business now with zero capital
  • The secret that makes your customers beg for what you are selling revealed
  • What differentiates winning entrepreneurs from struggling entrepreneurs who pray for their market to sell
  • How to turn your phone in to a money-printing machine
  • One thing to do to make huge margins on any product you choose to sell
  • The single action that can spell death or life for your new business
  • How to turn what you already know into a massive tool to rake in paying customers
  • One action you can take that will literally set your product flying off the shelf like it's going out of style
  • A little known age-old trick that will knock off the fear of starting instantly
  •  How to earn money selling fast even if you hate selling
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