School Degrees with Highest Employment Opportunities in Nigeria

The best guidance a parent can give his kid is seeking after your fantasy! Follow what you love doing the most, in light of the fact that just in such places and cause will you find fulfilment and significance.

Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean you can’t include another worthwhile activity, to assist you with progress. Today, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to drill down here, the top best twenty-four degree courses with the most rewarding business openings in Nigeria.

In spite of the fact that this isn’t checked by some other sources, earn more Nigeria is sure that the underneath referenced courses are among those exceptionally looked for after in Nigeria today.

These are the top School Degrees with best employment opportunities in Nigeria.

The fundamental motivation behind why we are certain about this posting is that of the time and vitality we have placed into it, to check how obvious they are.

We have taken out our time, Cash and vitality to investigate the Nigerian business market and we thought of a rundown, of degrees, to support every single Nigerian understudy and guide them to knowing the best school degree as they wish to apply for induction into the college. Regardless of whether you are an alumni or as of now an understudy, you can add any of these courses to your program.

If you don’t mind observe this is only a notion or proposed clarification which we have made based on restricted proof that stands to be reprimanded. Your commitment is welcome on what you believe is better.

You can also take out your time to identify the best or worst degrees after viewing the below courses.


Civil Engineering

Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

Well a lot is known about this course, they construct high-end buildings all over the world, everyday people and businesses are coming up, most of this startups need good edifice to showoff, if you think of an engineering course to study in the high institutions then add this lucrative field to the list of courses you will do

Agriculture Science.

Image by Thomas McSparron from Pixabay

Hold on! I know what you are thinking right now! Agriculture is not a good choice, right? no, you are wrong, I am very serious, with the trend of things, as the petro prices keep on plummeting, soon Nigerians will be left with nothing, on a beautiful side, if you happen to consider studying any agricultural courses please select fields like Crop science, Veterinary medicine and Animal Production


Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

Well, do I need any further introduction? I guess not because to become a doctor is what every parent dream for their kids, however, it is a tough one right? but if you still have the nerve and will power to consider studying this degree program, getting a 6 digit pay job is just a few years away

Business and Administrative Studies

Yes, in my place of work they are many of them there, it is like Ashawo course getting a job is so easy and you can grow in your career path, you can start as an admin officer to the level of a director,

Computer Science/IT

This is my favourite, despite whatever course you study, technology is the future of mankind, programming, hardware maintenance, computer engineering are some of the best courses anyone can study, you will have opportunities to meet real big brands and startups companies where you work with big CEOs and their directors towards developing ideas and rolling out softwares, did I mention that their salary scale is enormous, you


Yes, studying this course makes you work for hand in gloves with doctors and nurses, you will be a go-to person when any drug-related need arises, you might even dive into research, who knows you could combine drugs to cure Covid19 or HIV ailments if you are this powerful imagine what your paycheck will be like


To study Nursing is a privilege, both male and female can study this course, ist a hot cake outside Nigeria in countries like Canada they are paid massively and you get to enjoy a lot of health benefit, don’t think twice about considering this course if you like it


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Little or nothing was known about this course until our nation slid into recession, this day studying economics gives you bigger job opportunities and brightens your horizon if you really focus on this career path you could become the next minister of the economy or another Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala of your time

Other Courses that are Lucreative includes

  • Geology
  • Architecture
  • Health Education
  • Home Economics
  • Marketing
  • Graphics Art.
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Fishery.
  • Physics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law
  • Chemistry
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Statistics
  • English and Literary Study*

Some lesser Courses which Nigerians dont Value much are

  • *1. Religious Studies
  • 2. Political Science
  • 3. Music
  • 4. Zoology
  • 5. Primary Education
  • 6. French
  • 7. Sport
  • 8. Sociology
  • 9. Counselling Psychology
  • 10. Geography
  • 11. Language
  • 12. Library and Information Science
  • 13. Fine Art
  • 14. Philosophy
  • 15. Social Studies
  • 16. Mass Communication
  • 17. Botany*

In conclusion

So after our research, we got all this information. Was this info helpful? Please say it in the comment section. I know that you might be surprised while I listed out some other courses as less considered? that’s exactly our finding after conducting some poll among students


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