Shocking Why Education is the key

Good afternoon friends, I want to share with us some of the importance and necessity of education in our lives.

The invention of education to our beloved nation has been of great help and privilege to our people in Africa. We Africans were referred to as black monkeys, to be the reason was because we aren’t educated, we live the life of animals, living in forests,no knowledge of what to do to help and develop our nation, that’s why the white men refer to us as black monkeys. But thank God for education.


Even in our today life, u can never compare an educated man to an uneducated man, u can imagine when u are been addressed as an illiterate,it’s really embarrassing but Its the fact because u aren’t educated.

Why Education is the key

Education is the key jobless
Yes I know some people will be like asking me what of those who went to school and remain jobless,
My answer to them is this, some people went through school ,while some people school went through them, so you can’t compare the two.


I don’t believe that someone can go to school and he or she is able to show for it and such a person will be regarded as a graduated fool,. It’s not possible.

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Another thing education does is to give one the boldness to speak. but you mean if u are not educated, you will be intimidated no matter how smart you think you are.
You will be denied of things that should be yours.


Another thing education does is that it gives you qualification.
Imagine yourself as a non graduate going to apply for an office work
I don’t think even a miracle can give you the job.

In summary,
Those who say that education nah scam, na them be scam.
Let’s not be deceived.
Any opportunity you see to go to school, do it.
Don’t say am too old,
So you won’t end up serving those who you started life before.
I hope this information changes someone’s mindset positively. Thank you

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